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PostajNaslov: Palomino   čet sij 10, 2008 1:12 am

Palomino je pasmina po boji!
Evo vam pa malo učite engleski:

Surely one of the most beautifully colored horses in the world, the Palomino has always found favor for display purposes – parades, circuses, shows of various kinds. Since it comes in all sizes of horse and pony, a Palomino can be found for almost anyone or any job.
Palomino is a color and not yet strictly a breed. Palomino – colored ponies and horses may belong to a registry run by their national association, but there is no actual palomino stud book operated by a breed society. The nearexception is found in the United States, where the Palomino Society regards and registers Palomino as a color – breed with strict requirements as to conformation and type, with a view to creating a strict tape in future. In the American registry, one parent must be a registered Palomino, and the other parent must have Arab, Thoroughbred, or Quarter Horse bloodlines.
Unfortunately, there is no way palominos can be made to breed true to color, so their full acceptance as a true breed is unlikely. The color has been well known and admired snice the ancient times. In the Middle Ages Queen Isabel of Spain encouraged their breeding, and the horses are still called Ysabellas in Spain. She gave smoe to Cortes to take to the Americas, who on arrival presented one to Juan de Palomino, hence their name. When Califonia came into American ownership in the mid- 19th century, the Plomino was “rediscovered“ and soon became known as “The Golden Horse of the West,“ and its popularity has never waned to this day.
The color of the coat should be that of a newly minted gold coin, or up to three shades darker or lighter, with a white, cream, or silver mane and tail. White is permitted on head and lower legs only.
The Palomino is used worldwide for every job imaginable because thr color occurs in most breeds, but not, interestingly, in the Thoroughbred, or in the Arab.
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